Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training Aid (Right Handed Golfer)

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The Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training Aid – As Seen on The Golf Channel, CBS, TNT, Direct TV and ESPN
The Tour Angle 144 is a seemingly simple device, that has fundamentally improved the golf swings of hundreds of amateurs and professional golfers throughout the country…and the world!

The Tour Angle 144 teaches you to set a consistent shaft to forearm angle for every club in your bag. The shaft to forearm angle of amateurs can vary greatly, versus professional golfers who average 144 degrees. This natural address position is what makes a professional look so comfortable in their address position, and is what you can learn to feel every time you setup to the golf ball. By setting this fundamental angle, your body automatically achieves a proper position in terms of spine, arm and club orientation. Golfers at any skill level can learn, or fine tune the following elements of their swing:

- Natural and Powerful Address Position
- One Piece Takeaway
- Delayed Wrist Break
- Proper Impact Position
- Eliminate Unnecessary Wrist Action

Whether your on the course, range, or in your living room, just keep the Red Arm touching, and the Tour Angle will naturally and gently guide you into perfect posture, a one-piece takeaway, a delayed release, and notify you when you "cast" the club . This results in a more powerful and consistent swing with EVERY club in your bag.
The Tour Angle is also used by Pro's to fine tune their chipping stroke, and can instantly cure the "Chipping Yips"

Like Top 100 Teacher Steve Bosdosh says: "It's amazing what this thing can do for a swing!"

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Customer Reviews

No more casting of the clubs

 February 24, 2014
By dealPat
As a high-handicapper for the 20 years I’ve been playing, I have tried several different golf training aids, videos, books, etc but my game was never consistent whether practicing at the range or on the course. I also had occasional elbow & back problems from mishitting. After watching the video and practicing the drills provided, I went to the range. The tour angle changed my grip, setup, turn, and release of the the club. In fact, I stopped thinking while swinging and consistently made smooth and shorter swings yet hit the ball better, straighter, and further. It’s strange at first swinging with this in your hand but it gives great feedback when you do something wrong. I combined this with the "Swing Extender" because my right elbow has a tendency to overbend and this prevents it. I continuted hitting good without the training aids but bad habits are hard to break so I’ll be practicing more before going to the course. You can even use the tour angle during your practice rounds for all your swings and chipping.

Just by it!!!

 August 19, 2013
By Stuart
Forget about the price and if you can get it cheaper great. For all these years I was wrong on how to position the club on the ground. I thought I was doing it correctly but I was de lofting my clubs. Not only I’m striking the ball much better. I am swinging my clubs much slower. In front of your TV just work on for 15 min a day (let’s say week) then hit the range. You will a difference.

Great Great product especially for beginners like me

 July 29, 2013
By davesrarereview
Golf really stinks for beginners. Everyone telling what your doing wrong (and they stink too!). Even a golf pro wouldn’t want to spend time with you (and your paying big $$’s). And each bad habit you develop will take you 20x’s the effort to undo. Here’s what I did when using this product in conjunction with 2 other products that will allow you to actually be on the course w/o looking like a complete fool after rule #1.

Rule 1. as Forest Gump was told: keep your eye on the ball LOCATION as in: don’t follow the ball after you hit it.. pretend there is a quarter underneath the ball and you want the quarter to appear after you hit the ball.. don’t immediately follow the balls trajectory until at least one second after you strike the ball. Watch the ball “disappear” as you stroke through.

Buy this product and 1 MEDICUS dual-hinged wedge. I am fortunate to have a very wide back yard. So you add a GOLF MAT, purchase a golf flag w cup or just use a pail to aim at and a bucket of ALMOST GOLF BALLS(they travel like a standard ball but only travel a third to 1/2 the distance) and you are good to go.

Within whacking 20 balls you will have improved your game substantially. You quickly learn how to properly back swing and properly develop a follow through swing w/o the club “breaking down”. There is no better product to get you up to speed and I can’t think of the hours people have spent trying to explain something that can not verbally explained but must be felt and this is the product that does just that.

Then add the Tour Angle which will position your hands where they should be, at the angle and position it should be. Watch the DVD and you will quickly figure out when the rubber wrist touch point should leave contact on the backswing and just as important when it should retouch your wrist on the follow through. Again, for the smallest investment, you will develop the proper stance and take away/follow through position at the beginning of your golf journey then spending countless hours (and $$’s?) trying to undo easily developed bad habits.

angle dangle

 July 31, 2013
By Joseph J. Weisenberger
The tour angle 144 is a great training aid. From the very start I improved my ball striking ability. The video that came with the product was very informative. I highly recommend this training aid.

Better results in a hour than I’ve ever experienced in golf

 August 30, 2013
By Alexander T. McMahon "Sandy McMahon"
I note that a couple of reviews are poor. Most are excellent. One thing about this product is that you have to watch the video a couple of times and take in the lessons. If you do this, unless you already have a flawless swing, you’ll see results.
Got the training aid yesterday and watched the videos. It’s hard to practice a swing inside so I mostly just took in the changes that were being described in the video.
Today I left work early and went to the driving range. Like the video said I worked into the new method using the training aid slowly and methodically. Doing this results came swiftly. Twenty yards additional distance with irons and straighter shots. I’m not a hotshot golfer, but could see impact very quickly. This is really a different swing, but much more accurate and powerful. Hybrids and woods may take a bit more time than the irons, but I plan to hit the driving range daily over Labor Day Weekend.
Highest recommendations for this product.

Great tool

 August 8, 2013
By Hek2k
It really helps your posture and technique and wich hepls you improve your game. Get yours, you won’t be dissapointed.

Tourangle144 golf aid trainer

 May 31, 2013
By Charlie B
I was sceptical, but for $40, I figured it was worth a try. Just got back from the range with it. I have only used it once, but LOVE the way it feels when I swing with it. I can feel when my wrists break on the back swing. I was hitting the ball consistently 20 yards further, which I can only assume has to do with a fuller shoulder turn this thing lets me feel. However, I had to email Tourangle directly for a link to stream the instructional video on my iPhone since I never use my DVD player anymore, DVD’s are dying, hellooo! Going to try it for chipping on the course this weekend like they suggest. So far so good!

Keep at it… It really works!

 June 25, 2013
By Salena
My husband and I both got our Tour Angle 144′s a few weeks ago and we just finally were able to get some tee time in. All I can say is this thing works!

The trick is to be consistent with it. There is no “magic bullet” for golf. Any tool requires practice and this is no exception to that. But it’s so simple and effective we both felt a difference and improvement in our swing after a few practice sessions. The included DVD definitely provided some info that I might have overlooked so do yourself a favor and take the time to watch it before you get out on the range. We are both swinging much more consistently and accurately.

I recommend this. See you at the 19th hole. Good Luck!

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